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Amazonian Fishes and their Habitat
Amazonian Fishes and their Habitat is based on a multimedia CD collection produced by Dr Peter Henderson, of Pisces Conservation and the University of Oxford.

Dedicated to fishkeepers interested in freshwater and marine fish, aquatic plants, goldfish, reef systems, invertebrates and corals.
Aquaria Central
Aquaria Central - Freshwater and marine aquarium fish

AquaWorld Network
Dr. Pez(Spanish)

fishbase.org | fishbase.us | fishbase.de | fishbase.fr | fishbase.se| fishbase.cn | fishbase.tw
A Global Information System on Fishes

Fish Link Central
Fish Articles, Bookstore, Discussions, Photos, Publications, Software, Trading Post, Ask A Question.

The Fish Information Service, or FINS, is a free information service about topics of interest to the aquarium hobbyist.

Ilford Aquarist Society
Oldest active fishkeeping club in the U.K

FishGeeks: Your Aquarium and Tropical fish resource.
FishGeeks is the most indepth site for information aquarium fish, tropical fish, pond fish, saltwater fish and aquariums.

Master Index of Freshwater Fishes
Over 30,000 references to the over 60 aquarium books and selected issues 6 magazines listed.

Serwis akwarystyczny
Oficially Home Page IZA (Internet Associacion of Aquaristik)


Simplified Reef Keeping
The first easy to understand guide to reef aquariums

The Catalog of Fishes On-Line
The three main sections of the Catalog, Genera, Species, and Literature Cited, are once again searchable on-line. The on line version now supports diacritic marks, bold and italic type faces, and hyper-links.

The Nature Aquarium Homepage
The Nature Aquarium Homepage

The NEODAT II Project
A Collaborative Project On Neotropical Ichthyology
The Tree of Life(BRAZIL)

The Krib (Aquaria and Tropical Fish)
Information about tropical fish aquariums, including archived usenet postings and e-mail discussions, along with new articles and photographs designed specifically for the web.

World Fish Link :For all your fish links
whether it's links for reef or tropical,marine,ponds or discus world fish link has the fish links for you

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